Flown West Survivors Check List  ^TARPA is now the TWA Retired Pilots Association Speed Test

Welcome to the ^TARPA Website

Let us explain who we are, and what we do.

WHO — Membership in ^TARPA is open to ALL previous TWA flight deck crewmembers and retired TWA Pilots. This includes all predecessor airlines. Our 1.500 members ranging from young current TWA/AA pilots to some who flew Ford Tri-Motors in the '30s.

WHAT — ^TARPA was founded in 1979 by retired TWA pilots who wanted to create an organization to provide a social, recreational and non-profit entity with a primary goal of helping members maintain friendships formed while flying for TWA and to assist pilots nearing retirement with the transition to the new life.

HOW — We offer several ways to reach our objective. First, we publish a world class; widely acclaimed magazine ''^TARPA TOPICS'' and it is produced three times a year. ^TARPA TOPICS contains stories about members' current and past activities, stories about TWA and industry issues, and updates on ^TARPA activities. We also publish a membership directory, biannually, containing addresses, Email addresses, and telephone numbers of all members and subscribers. Second, perhaps most important, ^TARPA convenes an annual gathering in various cities around the country. Our conventions are open to all previous TWA pilots and provide the opportunity to get up close and personal. We routinely have around 300 people in attendance, members, spouses and guests. Third, we offer the ^TARPA.com page with timely updates on all ^TARPA news and links to numerous other useful sites.

ANNUAL ^TARPA CONVENTION 2015 — Our next  Convention will be  on board  the   Celebrity "Summit",
23-30 August 2015.  We will be sailing from Bayone, New Jersey to Bermuda. This seven day cruise is welcome to any one, family members, friends, etc...

^TARPA — Is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of five Executive Officers and four Directors. There are twelve committees to provide assistance and suggestions for the Board of Directors.

This is a brief introduction of ^TARPA. For additional information click on the CONTACTS button at the left and send your Email to Dusty West-President, Michael S. McFarland-1st.VP, Bob Kavula-2nd VP/Secretary and Ed Madigan-Treasurer


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Capt. Bob Willcutts (TWA Retired) Sandwich, MA