What a summer this has been! July 17. 2016 Fellow TWA B-747 Captains: Gene York, Mike McFarland, Bob Dedman, Al Mundo, Lou Burns, Hugh Schoelzel, myself & wife Lee, were in Islip, NY to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the “Downing of TWA 800” off Long Island @8:21PM that night of 17July1996. We were all impressed with the love & devotion of those who planned & have taken care of this beautiful memorial over the years. The Tall Curved Black Granite panels, inscribed with the names of the 230 souls -Passengers & Crews - - who lost their lives that night! On the side facing the Atlantic Ocean is a giant white mica impregnated etched granite surface (lighted @ night - showing out to sea 10 Miles). It has 230 sea birds in the water, wave & flying up into the sky, showing their souls ascending into Heaven! The grounds surrounding the Memorial are planted with the most incredibly beautiful blooming plants & trees! The memorial service was very moving & well attended by at least 500 people, including crew members & many of the passenger's families.

I just returned from a very productive planning & site inspection of New Orleans & The Historic Hotel Monteleone & all the venues of our 30 Oct - 4 Nov 2016 Joint TWA & Grey Eagles Convention. We already have a great number of pilots & guests signed up to attend… don’t be left out! Our Event Planner, Ms. Vicki McGowen has planned out many great excursions for our time in the “BIG EASY” — Please join us for a “Grand Time”!

We have also site inspected our 2017 Joint TWA & AA Grey Eagles Convention site in San Diego, CA. It, too, will be an impressive, fun destination for all!

In June, we toured: (Courtesy of the Dayton Convention Bureau - - all expenses paid by them) the Dayton Airshow & the USAF MUSEUM @ Wright Patterson AFB, as a
“possible site” for our 2018 joint convention!

We hope our entire “TWA Family World Wide” is having a great year as we are at the TWA RETIRED PILOTS ASSOCIATION.

“UP, UP, And Away” — “First Class or Not at All”.
“Remember the most import wings on the plane are on the Pilot”


TWA Retired Pilots Association